Adidas Trainingsjacke

He’s not just one of our Most Stylish Men Alive he’s so the man Kanye West recently called his „style idol.“ Pharrell has been known for lots of trend-setting looks over the course of career (truckerhats, multi-colored diamonds, and women’s Chanel glasses all come to mind), but right now P is heavy into leather Adidas track jackets featuring his own childlike doodles in Custom Embroidery. Here, the super producer and streetwear Hall of Famer Explains how he makes the jackets and defends his habit of rocking flowers and rainbows.

How do you make your embroidered track jackets and what were you thinking The First Time you started drawing on one?
I feel like They serve as the perfect canvas. Basically, once I drew on one we found somebody Who Could embroider on top of the work. That just made it feel more special and bespoke way.

What are you channeling When you start doodling on your clothes?
Whatever I’m thinking about just comes through. It’s a way for me to express myself, but it’s not like I’m taking it seriously. It’s not like I schedule this. Every once in a while I just take my pen out and doodle. They would not be as good if I Took ‚em super seriously like I’m some artist and shit. I think it’s that DIY thing That I grew up with as a kid.


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